I grew up in Minnesota, a big ole' baby Mommy's girl.  

I moved to Texas in 1988. After working for others for many years, I decided I was ready to start working for myself and took a leap of faith in 2004, and I have never looked back! Thank you JESUS! 

Lil Monkey was originally started by selling a variety of products at amazing prices out of a home. In May 2012, I was BLESSED to open Lil Monkey in the Ridgewood Village Shopping Center, where it still remains today! I am VERY PROUD of that! I remember when I opened it, I was thinking the suite I was in was HUGE and that I would never fill it. Not only did I fill it, in 2014, just 2 short years later, I was expanding by knocking out a wall and grew into the neighboring suite! GOD is good!! 

My business was built on customer service. I never let a customer walk in with out a hello, or leave with out a Thank you! My customers, (who I call Monkey Junkies!) are amazing. Very supportive and just plain fabulous! I am truly BLESSED with this amazing business I genuinely love and loyal, wonderful customers.

I absolutely LOVE to help pick out the perfect outfit for my customers and when they also want jewelry to go with, that's my personal FAVORITE time, as I am like, look at this with this...etc...SO MUCH FUN!! We just have a ball finding the perfect pieces to complete the look!  

I understand fully that without a customer, I have no business, so I am firm on making certain everyone is treated the way I would want to be as well. We love to have fun and just hang out looking for that perfect outfit for whatever event you are going to. Whether we find it in the clearance sections, or the new stock, we are having fun searching! 

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for continuing to support my LIL ole' store!!!! I want you to know that I am always available for all of my Monkey Junkies. You can reach me on my cell phone if I am not in the store. I am very hands on. You mean everything!


Rebecca (Becky)